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Guitar Tricks in undoubtedly one of the best laid out online guitar learning systems on the net. Their website is beautifully done and intuitive to navigate. That’s all well and good, but what about the lessons?!

The Curriculum

With over 1,500 guitar lessons from superior grade guitar instructors hand-picked by Guitar Tricks expert staff, you are well equipped to master guitar in no time at all. Their curriculum isn’t designed by guitarists who taught themselves in the basements of their parents’ homes, but is compiled by top music teachers with advanced degrees in music and music instruction.

90% of GuitarTricks students would recommend them to others!

Guitar Tricks instructors are recruited from all over the world and cover a vast range of musical styles. You are sure to learn guitar in the style you want from an instructor who is an expert in that very style.

Guitar Tools

Guitar Tricks offers a huge selection of guitar learning tools to their subscribers that takes learning beyond just the instructor / pupil interaction. Not only do you get expert instruction but you get:

Guitar Toolbox

This includes a huge library of scales and chords, an interactive jam station where you can play along with backing tracks, a guitar tuner and a metronome. Basically, everything you need to not just learn guitar, but play guitar.

Guitar Forum

The form is a great place for beginning guitarists to get answers from the peers and others who are “in the same boat” as them when it comes to playing guitar. The forum is a huge living resource of information from guitar players of all skill levels.

Song List

You want to know how to play a particular song? GuitarTricks offers of large database of video lessons showing you exactly how to play the most popular guitar songs around. Whether it’s classic rock or the latest song blazing up the charts you can quickly and easy learn guitar parts from their top notch instructors.

Pick from all of your favorite genres!

FREE Guitar Lessons

With access to 24 free guitar lessons with a FREE Basic registration you can take GuitarTricks for a test drive with no commitment.

The amount of stuff and expertise you get with GuitarTricks for just $14.95 per month is mind boggling making it definitely one of the best bangs for your buck!

PRICE: $14.95 | RATING: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)



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"I have been going through the new Jamorama and I think it is the easiest guitar course to navigate on the internet. I only wish that I had bought the Jamorama course sooner. I can only say excellent job to the crew because I was not disappointed when I downloaded this course. The video's are of a real player, not a cartoon picture of a fret board with a funky sound. The books are easy to read and the bonus extras I can't say enough of. Thanks again and I will definitely spread the word to all my friends."
Mike - Phoenix, AZ (

"Your course has helped me so much. When I first joined I was a newbie to guitar but I now feel I have learnt so much from you. Again many thanks for the fantastic lessons."
Julian Garner - UK (