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I’d like to extend a gigantic, Texas-sized Thank You for visiting this site! The goal of this site is to provide you – the aspiring guitarist – with as many useful resources and reviews of online guitar lessons as I can possibly cram in here to help you on your way to become a guitar god. Or even just a guitar demi-god. Or if your aspirations are more humble, that guy or gal at the party who can strum out a few songs that everybody knows. Oh yes. Everyone LOVES that person!

This picture over there on the left is of me performing a solo acoustic sat at the Imagine Restaurant & Bar in Granada, Nicaragua. If you ever get over to Granada I recommend you go there. Great staff, great music, and great beer!

Featured Online Guitar Lesson Course

My featured program is GuitarTricks.com. They offer an incredibly solid program at a price that is really tough to argue with: $14.95 per month! PLUS you can get started with a 14 day FREE trial. Holy crap! To learn more about it you can read my Guitar Tricks review, or simply head on over to their site by clicking right here.

Check Out These Other Great Online Guitar Courses


Jamorama is the most comprehensive online training course for guitar I’ve found yet. This thing takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about playing guitar, to being proficient enough to blow the minds of all of your friends. Jamorama doesn’t only teach you the mechanics of playing guitar, but it also trains you to be able to learn by ear, so that you can figure out all of your favorite songs on your own. If you want a course that will grow with you – that KNOWS what you’re hungry to learn and is always able to answer the question “What do I learn next?” then this is definitely the course for you. VISIT OFFICIAL SITE | LEARN MORE…

Musician’s Toolbox

Musician’s Toolbox takes a unique approach to teaching guitar and solves one of the fundamental problems with many online and video courses: the fact that sometimes you just can’t see what the teacher is doing! Pretty important thing, right? These guys have put the camera behind the instructor so that you see his hand as if it were your own. You get a first person learning experience so you can easily and clearly see EXACTLY what your fingers are supposed to be doing. They accompany this with high quality graphics and animation so you’ll be rocking out chords and full songs in no time. VISIT OFFICIAL SITE | LEARN MORE…

Crash Course Muso

Straight from the hard rockin’ UK comes Crash Course Muso and it is just that – a crash course. This online guitar course dumps you right in the middle of playing guitar by teaching you, not just the basics, but how to play actual songs. This course offers tons of downloadable goodies from printable material to high quality videos. Oh, and one thing that can’t be ignored, this course doesn’t only teach you how to strum chords…it’ll show you how to play some of the coolest lead guitar licks ever. As a lead guitarist, myself, I find this feature pretty sweet. And if you’re wondering what in the world “Muso” means like I was…apparently it means someone who really likes music. Must be a UK thing. VISIT OFFICIAL SITE | LEARN MORE…

What’s Going on Here?

This site is dedicated to helping people learn guitar online. I’ve checked out several resources and have written a bit about those that I think are worth the investment. I considered a few of criteria when researching these programs: Price - Is the price low enough that it makes for an easy investment? Some courses out there can costs hundreds of dollars, especially if you’re looking into actually attending lessons in person from an instructor. Many times, the high cost of lessons can turn people away before they even have a chance to get started! Video - In this day and age it’s a little ridiculous to offer any kind of online guitar course without video. You can download PDFs and eBooks all day long, that’s fine, but learning guitar comes from someone showing you, step-by-step how things are done. Fun & Engaging - Learning to play guitar should be FUN…just as fun as playing guitar once you’ve mastered it! Sure, it is hard work and does involve a bit of routine, but a good instructor and lesson plan should engage you and make things fun and engaging.

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Here's a short video of yours truly jamming a bit of Van Halen style guitar.

What's the difference between KGC and the other online guitar lesson review websites? Well...I'm an actual guitarist. How many of the other guys really SHOW you they know what they're talking about? Yeah...none.

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"I have been going through the new Jamorama and I think it is the easiest guitar course to navigate on the internet. I only wish that I had bought the Jamorama course sooner. I can only say excellent job to the crew because I was not disappointed when I downloaded this course. The video's are of a real player, not a cartoon picture of a fret board with a funky sound. The books are easy to read and the bonus extras I can't say enough of. Thanks again and I will definitely spread the word to all my friends."
Mike - Phoenix, AZ (Jamorama.com)

"Your course has helped me so much. When I first joined I was a newbie to guitar but I now feel I have learnt so much from you. Again many thanks for the fantastic lessons."
Julian Garner - UK (CrashCourseMuso.com)